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From the desk of HoD

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication

Mass media is known as the 4th pillar of democracy, as it plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion, driving social change, and connecting people across the globe. But with great power comes great responsibility. As a media professional and custodian of democracy, one needs to portray an accurate and honest picture of the world to the audience. Your ability to inspire, inform, and empower through the art of communication is a gift, and it is your duty to use it responsibly and ethically. 

The digital age has completely revolutionized how the public creates and consumes news and brought up many new opportunities. However, it also involves a few challenges but with continuous learning sprints and being up to date with the new skills, one can overcome every challenge and can significantly contribute to the field of mass media. While technology plays a vital role in this particular industry, we must not forget the importance of human connection and empathy. In a world full of information, our responsibility as mass communicators is to cut through the noise, tell compelling stories that resonate with authenticity, and foster meaningful connections with our audiences. 

We commit to enhancing your skills and making you industry ready. Beyond the classroom, we will help you seek opportunities to engage with the industry, intern at media organizations, and learn from seasoned professionals. Embrace the power of networking, build relationships, and surround yourself with mentors who will inspire, challenge, and guide you along your path. The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College is here to empower you, challenge you, and to help you unlock your fullest potential. We are committed to providing you with a nurturing and stimulating environment where you can cultivate your skills, explore your passions, and discover your unique voice. Throughout your academic journey, take advantage of the vast resources available to you. 

Mass communication is about connecting with people, understanding their stories, and giving them a voice. Hence remember success in mass media is not measured solely by career accomplishments, but by the positive impact you have on the world around you. I am confident that you have the potential to make a significant impact in the world of mass communication. As the Head of the Department of Mass Communication, I assure you that we will support you, guide you, and provide you with the tools and opportunities necessary for your growth and success. Together, let us shape a future where truth, integrity, and the power of communication prevail. 

Thank you, and I wish you all the very best for your future. May your journey in mass communication be filled with inspiration, growth, and extraordinary achievements. 


Dr. Arnab Kumar Banerjee

Head of the Department 
Journalism & Mass Communication
Vijaygarh Jyotish Ray College




Dr. Arnab Kr. Banerjee
Sri Sunandit Chaudhury
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