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Job opportunities of the subject

Scope and Career Opportunities

Scope and Career Opportunities after B.Sc. Maths

Mathematics covers a broad range of themes. Hence, you can choose any major field like Statistics, Operations Management, Accountancy, Actuarial Sciences and many more. You can join academics after acquiring a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. Being a Mathematics student, you can pursue a career in data analysis which is currently in high demand.

Mathematics provides a plethora of opportunities in almost all areas. There is a large basket of professions for a maths graduate!

Scope in Higher Study:

1.      Master of Computer Applications

2.      Master of Business Administration

3.      PG Certification in Data Science

4.      Master of Science in Data Science

5.      PG Certification in Machine Learning

6.      PG Certification in Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Job Opportunities after B.Sc. Maths

A career in IT Industry:

If you are fond of constructing computer algorithms, you can choose the Information and Communication Technology industry. This industry can provide you with the perfect opportunity to harness your Maths honours degree.

A career in Accountancy & Management:

If you have got fervour for business, a career in Management, Mathematics, Accountancy, and professional service is an implausible way of using the skills you’ve gathered during your degree. The industry offers great career prospects for a mathematics graduate.

A career in Actuarial Sciences:

If you like to play with numbers, and have interest in probability and statistics, then you can think of a profession in Actuarial Sciences. Actuaries use mathematical and statistical modelling to envisage future events that help to appraise financial impact on an organisation. The actuarial profession offers great opportunities in a rapidly expanding province.

A career in Investment Banking after B.Sc. in Maths:

Want to become a banker? You can be an investment banker or a retail banker after completing your B.Sc. in Mathematics. Investment banking offers financial advice and services to large industries, governments, and high-net-worth individuals. A career in investment banking can be highly lucrative and fast-paced. Retail banking covers the events of the many high street banks, providing financial services and products to individuals and businesses. There are a huge number of jobs in retail banking, many of which are customer handling and allow you to utilise your maths degree. Are you a natural leader? If you have a knack for management and organising resources, then you should consider a career in management.

A career as Operations Research Analyst:

Want to be an operations research analyst? Operations research is the science of improving efficiency and making best decisions. As an operational research analyst, you will be able to use your mathematical and statistical knowledge to improve the strategies of organisations. Applying your mathematical skills to solve real-world problems is incredibly rewarding.

A career in Teaching after B.Sc.  (Hons.) Maths:

Aspire to be a Teacher? Going for a Master’s degree programme and acquiring a PhD will help you to fulfil your desire. This will enhance your knowledge in a particular field. You may gain professional qualifications or change your field of study as well. Achieving a PhD in mathematics proposes an incredible opportunity to make an original contribution to mathematics.